Instrumental Program

Instrumental Program

Rossmoyne Primary School has a very strong music program, which is supported by the Department of Education’s Instrumental Music School Services (IMSS). Students are invited to enter the IMSS program from the beginning of Year 3 and selections also take place in Years 4 and 5.

For 2023, all instrumental positions have been allocated. 

For more information regarding the IMSS program, click the file link below. 

This page has video examples of each instrument but if you’re not satisfied, you can always search up the instrument on YouTube or Google to find out more about it!

The following instrument positions will be available in 2024.

Year 3Violin & Viola*  8 students
Year 4Cello   3 students
Year 5Brass (Trumpet/Trombone/Baritone)5 students
Year 5Clarinet 5 students
Year 5Flute  5 students
Year 5Double Bass2 students
Year 5Percussion 2 students

*Rossmoyne PS is on a rotation where we offer violin and viola for two years and then violin only in the third year. In 2024, Rossmoyne PS is scheduled to offer four violin places and four viola places.

Instruments of the Orchestra Game

Want to play the Instruments of the Orchestra Safari Game? Simply click on the picture below!

Onto the instruments!

Violin – Year 3 Only

If I was a violinist, I would love to play like this young lady! So much expression and complexity in this piece.

Here’s a great video where you can hear the contrast between the sound of the violin and the cello. Extra bonus points if you’re a fan of Frozen 2. Even if you’re not, have a good listen to this video and decide which one you like better. 

Viola – Year 3 Only

The viola is very similar to the violin but ever so slightly larger and sounds slightly lower. Instead of reading the treble clef, viola players read the alto clef. The process of learning the viola is the same as the violin. 

Cello – Year 4 Only

Here’s a fun video of two cellists playing a classical piece and then launching into Thunderstruck. OF COURSE, cellists hardly ever play to the point where they damage their instrument so take this with a grain of salt 😉

This video is a repeat from the violin section above. You can hear the contrast between the sound of the violin and the cello. Extra bonus points if you’re a fan of Frozen 2. Even if you’re not, have a good listen to this video and decide which one you like better. 

And here is the very well known piece, Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major performed but Yo-Yo Ma.

Double Bass – Year 5

Do you recognise this piece?

And here’s a very cool video of how Adam Ben Ezra can use his double bass.

Clarinet – Year 5

That wood wind instrument, with the single reed, that is the Cat in ‘Peter and the Wolf’. Here’s a well known piece called ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ by George Gershwin and arranged by Wolfgang Kornberger (what an amazing name). It’s performed by the Vienna Clarinet Connection. 

Helmut Hödl – clarinet
Rupert Fankhauser – clarinet
Hubert Salmhofer – basset horn
Wolfgang Kornberger – bass clarinet

Sometimes, clarinetists also play jazz 😉

Flute – Year 5

That silver instrument that’s played on the side which is actually also a woodwind instrument….even though it doesn’t have any wood on it. 
‘Flight of the Bumble Bee’ written by Rimsky Korsakov is a very well known piece. Who do you think plays it better? 

James Galway – from the United Kingdom?…

Or Emme He – 9 Years old flutist from California?

 Trumpet & Trombone – Year 5

Here is the amazing, Australian musician James Morrison demonstrating the trumpet and the trombone.

In this video, a group called Canadian Brass plays their version of ‘Flight of the Bumblebee’. I’m not obsessed with this pieces of music 😉 

Baritone – Year 5

In the last two of years, we’ve had a couple of students learn the baritone. We offer baritones to students who are more suited to playing the trombone but may not have the arm length to slide the trombone as far as it needs to go.

Here is Katrina Marzella stunningly playing ‘The Swan’ on her baritone. Enjoy!

And here’s another video for a bit of fun.

Percussion – Year 5 Only

​How cool are Western Australian percussionists Kat and Josh from Kaboom?

Here’s a video of a group called Tetrafide. These guys used to create amazing percussion pieces and performances here in Perth. You might recognise some faces…. including the Kaboom Percussionists Cat and Josh and…. Mr Iain Robbie, our own Percussion tutor!

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